In terms of our guests

Traditional and modern

At the same time we see ourselves as a traditional family business and modern service provider. Our guests have been benefiting from this connection for several generations.

The most important foundations of our activity are trust, creativity, competence and personal contact with our customers. We focus on quality, reliability and absolute service orientation.

From accommodation to catering to the organization of private parties, business events or our own events: The wishes of our customers are always a welcome challenge to our entire team.

Our strengths include solid roots in the region.

In addition, we are open and curious about everything that develops in the world of the hotel and catering industry. Down to earth and cosmopolitan. Regional and international. A look beyond the culinary frontier is always worthwhile, in order to realize solutions according to the individual taste of the customer. We will remain committed to this philosophy in the future.

Claudia and Hedmar Schlosser are in charge of the business today: they hope that the hotel »Zur Krone« will stay in the family for a long time

Senior manager Ursula Schlosser takes care of the flowers

Senior Chef Dieter Schlosser is “Grillmeister”

190 years of a succuess story

The roots of our house date back to the year 1831. Even at that time many guests stopped for a bite to eat in the “Tavern” between Wetzlar and Weilburg.

In 1866, Ludwig Deißmann, the grand grandfather of Ursula Deißmann (our current senior manager) was awarded the concession for our house. His son followed in his footsteps and named the tavern »Zur Krone« (German for crown). Excellent quality and hospitality made our house well-known and famous in the region and far beyond.

Thanks to his efforts, the Krone survived the world-wars and other uncertain times.

After a short interlude, from 1954 to 1966 under the name „Wilder Mann“ (wild man), we switched back to the traditional name »Zur Krone«. From that time on a gradual modernisation from the original inn to a modern establishment with hotel and restaurant took place. But despite all upgrading and rebuilding, we attached great importance to retaining our tradition and family character.

The tavern »Zur Krone« shortly after the First World War

Our service spectrum widened, the number of employees grew and we made huge progress in developing a culinary nugget. Since the early 70s many prominent guests, like actors, sportsmen and politicians indulged themselves in the “Krone”. Besides the restaurant and hotel, we started to plan and organize family parties.

In 1993 we took a large step forward to a modern “Hotel-Krone-Garni”. Hedmar Schlosser, with his experience in international nouvelle cuisine, developed and started a new and – for this region – unique gastronomy and catering concept. Till this day it is famous as “Schlosser’s world” and provides upscale catering anywhere you might imagine.

Current exterior view